Are you concerned about your child's ability to learn, socialize or succeed in life? Are medications not working? Do these prescriptions have too many side effects? Biofeedback and neurotherapy are two scientifically tested treatments that are non-invasive, drug-free therapies yielding positive and lasting results.

Program Involvement

Homecoming for Veterans:
A national outreach program to provide free Neurofeedback training for veterans for the rehabilitation of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and issues of brain performance resulting from traumatic brain injury, blast injury, concussion, whiplash, and chemical exposure. Dr. Swatzyna provides EEG/qEEG evaluations and neurotherapy for veterans with blast injury and PTSD at no cost.

Concussion Management: Returning young athletes safely to play is critical. Dr. Swatzyna has teamed with a child psychiatrist (Sugar Land area) and a pediatric neurologist (Houston area). Together they provide the evaluation and documentation necessary to keep the young athletes safe and return them to play as soon as possible. Their program is based on The American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations. Additionally, they have teamed with a school advocate that will intercede on the behalf of the family if needed. The following link is an OPED article in the Houston Chronicle August 7, 2011 submitted by Dr. Swatzyna and Ms. Chau Nguyen identifying the shortcomings of the state law in Texas:

Electroencephalography (EEG) and Quantitative EEG Diagnostic Program: Many have found that psychiatric medications do not eliminate enough of their symptoms an often cause side-effects that are unacceptable. Prescribing these medications based on behavior does not always work. At the Tarnow Center, we just completed a large study (n=130) and found that nearly 40 per cent of those referred had some form of cerebral dysrhythmic electrical activity in their brains. This activity can be made worse by many medications commonly prescribed for mood, learning and behavior disorders. EEG and QEEG technology provides reliable scientific information on the functioning of brains. Dr. Swatzyna is an affiliate member of Brain Science International ( BSI provides in-depth analyses and understanding of this type of brain data. This deep comprehension is needed to provide the referring treatment team a complete understanding of the client's EEG and QEEG data, clinical presentation, and the treatment options available. In addition, this information is provided to the referring physician to help him in medication selection.